Non-Traditional Franchise Development



 My FBC helps me with local store marketing, administers my direct mail campaign for me… Works with me on increasing my sales and profitability… Assists me with hiring and training my managers and employees… Helps me with my inventory, financials, purchasing…   Reston, VA Franchisee

Why Purchase a Jerry’s Franchise?

 Jerry’s has a strong Brand name and has been in business for 60 years… When you open a Jerry’s, you create jobs in the local community… Jerry’s has two day parts and two product lines… Jerry’s is often imitated, but never duplicated…   Gaithersburg, MD Franchisee


 Jerry’s has an 8-weeks Owner Management Training Program. A POS Training Program. Food service certification. Certified Manager and Employee Training Program. A training program to teach me how to read charts and operations manuals…   Aspen Hill, MD Franchisee

Benefits of Owning a Jerry’s:

 Strong local presence… Great products like Pepper Jack… Multiple profit centers… They have Lunch, Dinner, Delivery and a Breakfast Program available for downtown locations.. Jerry’s owns the cheesesteak in the DC Metro area… PROVEN FRANCHISE SYSTEM…   Arlington, VA Franchisee

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can I open? How long does the process take?
From first inquiry to opening of the restaurant, the process takes about six to 12 months (depending on a number of factors, including site availability).  And if you are purchasing an existing Jerry’s location, you could be in business in as little as 45 days.

2. What is my initial investment?
The initial single-unit franchise fee is $25,000. Estimated initial investment required for a single restaurant ranges from $126,100 to $484,250.

3. What are the royalty and advertising fees?
Royalty is 6% of sales; advertising is 3% of sales.

4. Can I own more than one unit? And how can I be assured of future locations?
Yes, multi-units are encouraged and welcomed at Jerry’s

5. What support will I receive going forward?

  • Architectural & Design Services
  • Assistance in finding a location
  • Training at Jerry’s Cheesesteak University
  • Pre-Opening Assistance
  • Store Opening Assistance
  • Ongoing Operational Support
  • Local Store Marketing Support

6. How much money will I make?
Our employees, salespeople, or Development Agents are not permitted to furnish any oral or written information concerning actual or potential sales. Actual results vary from restaurant to restaurant and we cannot estimate the results of any particular franchise. We encourage you to call Jerry’s multi-unit owners to learn first hand why they decided to acquire additional franchises.

7. Is financing available?
Third-party financing may be available for qualified buyers.

8. Will I receive training?
Yes, we offer training classes at our certified training stores. Standard training for a Jerry’s certified owner is 8 weeks through JCU (Jerry’s Cheesesteak University).

9. Who will build my restaurant?
We will provide detailed blueprints from our Store Design team as well as recommended contractors that other owners in the area have used. Nevertheless, you are responsible for hiring a contractor to build your location.

10. Do I have to negotiate the lease for my location?
We will assist you in negotiating the terms of your lease.

11. What is a Non-Traditional location?
A Non-Traditional Location is any location that is attached to, located within, or located on the property of an existing business or facility. Most, or sometimes all, of its customers are pulled from the host location’s existing customer base. These locations can be semi-captive or captive. Some examples include locations within airports, convenience stores, hospitals or colleges and universities, military bases, and rest areas.

For More Information – Contact Eli Chediak @ 800.990.9176 ext. 701