We’re Different

U.S. Sandwich & Sub Store Revenue:  $19.6 Billion

Source:  2013 Sales –  IBISWorld.com

U.S. Pizza Sales:  $38.5 Billion

Source:  Year ending September, 2014  –  CHD Expert and Technomic

U.S.  Wings Sales :  27 Billion Wings sold last year with 1.2 Billion sold Super Bowl Sunday

Source:  CNN Money/National Chicken Council

Three Concepts in One


andwich chains serve sandwiches, primarily a lunchtime product.  Pizza chains serve pizza, primarily a dinnertime product.  Jerry’s triple product line of Subs, Pizza and Wingz meet customer needs for both lunch and dinner day parts and adds a snack category of mid day and late night, maximizing the sales potential of each franchise location.  All locations offer delivery, pick up and dine-in  services.

  • Optional breakfast program available for suitable locations
  • Certified Halal Menu available for interested franchisees
  • Beer/Wine Sports packages available

And We’re Better.

World Famous Cheesesteaks


orld’s Best Cheesesteaks are the core of our sandwich menu. Made with a special cut of 100% Grade A USDA Choice beef, sliced and seasoned to our exacting and proprietary specifications. Jerry’s cheesesteaks are authentic: real slices of steak cooked to order on the grill. Not precooked meat held in a steamtable. Not microwaved. Jerry’s is frequently the only concept that actually serves its cheesesteak at industry trade shows and franchise expositions. That should tell you something.

New York Style Pizza


orld Class Cheesesteaks. Famous Overstuffed Subs. Authentic New York Style Pizza. Jerry’s serves truly memorable food that is made with only the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment to quality is the fundamental strength of our concept. Our products are not the cheapest, but they are the best. That is why our store continues to out-perform our more well known competitors in trade areas where we compete head to head.

Amazing Wingz


World’s Best Wingz.  Amazing Wingz  offered as Bone or Boneless and come in four flavors.  Old Bay, Tangy BBQ, Spicy Mumbo and Buffalo. Jerry’s appeals to sports enthusiasts and Wingz are a favorite choice while viewing sports programs and the perfect compliment to Pizza, Sandwiches or simply a snack.  Jerry’s fall off the bone Wingz and Boneless Wingz are sauced to perfection!

Highest Quality Food


reat food is an important part of the success equation. But servicing customers effectively is equally as important. Fast service that produces great food consistently and efficiently is critical to building a profitable business.

With Jerry’s, you get the highest quality food – the freshest ingredients, juicy steak right off the grill, handcrafted pizzas piping hot out of the oven.  Jerry’s by far has the highest quality ingredients… chef inspired recipes…exclusive limited-time offers (LTO’s)… deliciously unique Signature Cheesesteaks, only found at Jerry’s… and a fantastic New York style pizza with a 60 year old secret recipe savored for generations. Quality and unique products that can’t be beat!

Jerry’s! The only leader in the Better Cheesesteak Category.