Love the Cheesesteak
Buy the Whole Store.

Own your own Jerry’s with a low initial investment and the ability
to be in business in as little as 45 days.

Is franchising right for you?  

Why Own a Business?
New Businesses Started Each Month

There must be some reason why some 6,000,000 new businesses are founded each year, right?

Top 10 reasons to own your own business:

1. You Control Your Own Destiny

2. You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance

3. You Choose the People You Work With

4. You Take on the Risk – And Reap the Rewards

5. You Can Challenge Yourself

6. You Can Follow Your Passion

7. You Can Get Things Done – Faster

8. You Can Connect With Your Clients

9. You Can Give Back to Your Community

10. You Feel Pride in Building Something of Your Own

11. Build a legacy for your children

12. Build your net worth and your wealth

Why Own a Restaurant?
Annual Industry Sales

1. $660 billion spent annually in restaurants

2. 70+ billion meals served per year

3. 47% of a family’s food budget is spent on dining out

4. Percentage of Americans dining out is on the rise – industry forecasts through 2018 call for aggressive market growth

5. Sandwich market has an estimated $25 billion in annual sales

6. 58% of Americans dine out at least 1X each week

Why Purchase a Franchise?
A Whole Team Behind You

1. You’re in business for yourself , but not by yourself

2. Quick start – no need to reinvent the wheel

3. You can’t start a 60 year old chain tomorrow

4. Power of the brand

5. Time Tested

6. Proven System

Why Own a Jerry’s Franchise?

Years of Success

1. 60 years featuring the world’s best cheesesteaks

2. One Brand: Three Concepts (Sub Shop, Pizza Shop & Wingz Shop)

3. Superior Support Services

4. Award-Winning Advertising

5. World-Class Training Program

6. Products suited to 2 day-parts (breakfast menu available)

7. Delivery rolled out in all locations